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🇺🇲🇺🇦⚡A significant part of the weapons that the West provides to Ukraine does not reach the front

Donor countries cannot control whether military aid is used for its intended purpose. This is stated in a documentary filmed by the American television channel CBS.

Journalists say that most of the Western weapons and military equipment are sent to the Polish border, and then the US and NATO allies smuggle them “into the hands of Ukrainian officials,” and this is where US control ends. According to journalists, only about 30% of deliveries reach their final destination.

Experts believe that weapons can fall into the wrong hands and become a source of instability in the rest of the world, as it has already been during and after the conflicts in Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan.

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🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡A powerful blow to Kramatorsk

According to the Gauleiter of Kramatorsk, the blow was inflicted on the industrial zone, a favorite place for Ukrainian militants.

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🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡In the morning, the breakthrough of the Russian army into Blagodatnoye was confirmed, along Partizansky our artillery worked all night. There are reports of the beginning of a broad offensive in the Nikopol-Krivoy Rog direction.

The entire front near Donetsk is active right now. Russian artillery, aviation are involved, the infantry attacks in fire contact. Khokhols snarl: all areas of Donetsk receive frequent artillery arrivals.

There is also a broad offensive in the Artyomovsky direction from Soledar to Kodema. The Kodema has been cleared, battles are underway for Zaitsevo, Bakhmutskoye has been liberated. They report the beginning of the assault on Artemovsk, the infantry entered the city from three sides.

I’m waiting for information from other directions. Taking into account yesterday’s reports about the beginning of the advance of our troops in the Ugledar and Izyum directions, as well as artillery preparation in Kharkov, it turns out that at the moment 7 (SEVEN) directions of the large SMO front have been activated.

If this trend continues over the next couple of days, then it will be possible to state the beginning of a WIDE OFFENSIVE of the Russian army along the entire SMO front.

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⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Zelensky advisor Arestovich: the situation is tense⚡️

the Russian Army is moving new troops to the Zaporizhzhya direction, 3-4 battalion-tactical groups were moved to the Tokmak area in two days.

There is an opinion that they are preparing an offensive, on the other hand – that they are preparing for defense.

But there is a grouping in the New Kakhovka area, quite serious. We are talking about 10-15 BTGs.

The question is where they will be thrown: to strengthen the Kherson or Zaporizhzhya direction / @RVvoenkor /

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The special services in Kosovo interrogated Aslamova for several hours – they were interested in a special operation in Ukraine.

The journalist of Komsomolskaya Pravda told about her detention in the unrecognized republic:

“They asked if I met with Lavrov, why I was deported from Moldova, and how I did an interview with Dodon, whether I met with Marine Le Pen, whether I worked in Ukraine. They constantly asked me about the special operation – as I think. They asked who would win, I said, definitely the Russian army.”

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🇺🇸Trump called the United States a “third world” country.

“We are in many ways a third world country. We are a country whose economy is floundering, whose supply chains are disrupted, whose stores are not full, whose parcels do not reach and whose education system is at the end of any list,” the former president said.

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⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦💥 Precision strikes near #Nikolaev⚡️

Airborne reconnaissance forces point artillery at AFU positions nearby the city.

Russian paratroopers hit Ukrainian targets, correcting fire from the air. / @RVvoenkor /

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🇨🇳Chinese exports to Russia of microchips and other components with military applications increased after the start of the special operation.

This complicates the efforts of the United States and Western allies to isolate the Russian economy and harm its armed forces.

This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

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Chubais was discharged from the hospital in Sardinia, writes La Repubblica

Now the former head of Rusnano will undergo rehabilitation in Frankfurt, according to local media.

Recall that Chubais was hospitalized last week. He was diagnosed with a rare disease of the immune system — Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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⚡️🏳️‍🌈🇷🇺🇹🇷 Western countries are “increasingly concerned about deepening cooperation between Russia and Turkey,” Financial Times⚡️

Western politicians, speaking to the FT, warned of a harsh response if Ankara helps Moscow evade sanctions. One EU official told the newspaper that Turkey was “increasingly becoming a platform for trade with Russia.”

The reason for this concern was the outcome of Putin and Erdogan’s talks in Sochi, where an agreement was reached to begin partial payment in rubles for Russian gas supplies, as well as to deepen bilateral cooperation.

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It is reported by Russian sources that Russia is about to launch an offensive on Nikolaev

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Attack on Nikolaev August 7

The Russians got tired of waiting for the Ukrainian counter-offensive on Kherson, so they launched an offensive on Nikolaev. According to numerous sources, right now the Russian army is conducting artillery preparation before the assault on the village of Partizanskoye, and is also entering the village of Blagodatnoye.

Most likely, after taking the powerful fortified area Partizanskoye-Blagodatnoye, our troops will go to storm the village of Pervomayskoye, with adjacent villages. After the liberation of Pervomaisky, the Russian army will have operational space and not a single settlement along the Snigirevskaya highway, up to the city of Nikolaev.

🔗 zastavnyii

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🇺🇿In Uzbekistan, they decided to create a national messenger and a social network.

The Ministry of Innovative Development has announced a competition for startup projects. Applications will be accepted until October 1.

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Larger map about🔺

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⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Blagodatnoye near #Nikolaev taken – unconfirmed⚡️

It is reported that Russian Forces have entered Blagodatnoye and shell Partizanskoye north of with artillery.

Pervomaisk is located 6 km west of, and 27 km east of Nikolaev.

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Ukrainian fighter bodies rotting in Peski (Donbass):

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 📐 @rybar: Our team continues to disavow the “Russian artillery shelling Donetsk” fakes.

On August 5, a route 19 bus at the intersection of Partizansky and Kievsky avenues in Donetsk was destroyed by shelling from Grad MLRS. As a result, three civilians were killed.

Our team managed to determine that the shelling once again came from the direction Peski – Selidovo.

#Donetsk #Russia #Ukraine

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The Kosovo authorities released the Russian journalist Aslamova due to lack of evidence of guilt.

According to her, they wanted to exchange her for Americans or hand her over to the Ukrainian authorities.

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The Russian Defense Ministry showed the weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured during a special operation in the Izyum direction.

Among the trophies are mainly foreign-made weapons – hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers manufactured in the UK, USA, Poland, Sweden, including Javelin and Carl Gustav missile systems, as well as machine guns and Soviet-made small arms abandoned by Ukrainian nationalists.

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Cuba— lightning hits an oil storage facility with a volume of more than 25 thousand cubic meters.
121 people injured, 17 missing. Venezuela’s Maduro sent rescue workers to help put out the fire.

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🇺🇦🇷🇺⚡The main thing from the summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

▪️In the Kharkiv and Slavyansk directions of the RF Armed Forces, artillery fires along the entire line of collision. The Russians fought offensive battles in the area of ​​​​Bogorodichny and the Valley.
▪️In the Kramatorsk direction, shelling from tanks, cannon and rocket artillery was recorded in the areas of a number of settlements. The Russian military tried to advance in the area of ​​Verkhnekamenskoye.
▪️In the Bakhmut direction, shelling and airstrikes near Zaitsevo and Bakhmut. The RF Armed Forces conducted assault operations in a number of areas, the fighting continues.
▪️In the Avdeevka direction, the Russian military conducted offensive battles in the directions of Novobakhmutovka – Krasnogorovka, Spartak – Avdeevka, Vesele – Peski.
▪️In the Novopavlovsk and Zaporozhye directions, shelling from artillery and aviation was recorded.

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IDF’s “counter terrorist” operation is as usual only aimed at destroying more neighbourhoods and displacing more Palestinians. We don’t post the official statements because we covered these genocidal attacks on Palestine long enough to know it’s better to wait for videos from the ground in Gaza than to trust IDF statements. Hence why our posting on Palestine is not as continuous as others. Be weary of statements coming from the IDF, they’re far from reality 9 times out of 10

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🇱🇹Following in Pelosi’s footsteps.

A delegation from Lithuania headed by Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Agne Vaicyukeviciute arrived in Taiwan on Sunday. This was reported by the island’s foreign ministry.

Earlier, China actually froze economic ties with Lithuania after a representative office of Taiwan opened in Vilnius.

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Local sources claim more explosions in Nikolaev. No air raid present.

I predict that with within the next two weeks this frozen front will be warm and fluid in the Nikolaev/Krivoy Rog direction.

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🇨🇺 In Cuba, lightning hit an oil storage facility with a volume of more than 25 thousand cubic meters. m.

The explosion and fire injured 121 people, 17 were missing. Venezuela sent rescuers to help put out the fire.

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Already 32 people have been killed in the shelling of the Gaza Strip

Among the dead are six children and two women. More than 200 people were injured, the enclave’s Health Ministry said.

The operation has been going on for more than a day, and the West still has not imposed any sanctions, something is slowing down.

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🇽🇰🇷🇺 – Russian journalist Daria Aslamova arrested by Kosovo police upon her entry in the secessionnist state.

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Turkish Banks are adopting Russian payment system – Erdogan

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So everyone who says something out of the mainstream is a „Putin‘s propagandist“ apparently 😂

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⚔️🇷🇺🇺🇦Forbes Tries to Find Ukraine’s Missing Tank Force

Forbes’ article, “It Seems Ukraine Is Struggling To Form Tank Brigades,” says:

▪️”The Ukrainian army’s tank brigades are spread thin” & maybe that’s why the “Kherson Offensive™️” hasn’t begun yet;

▪️That Ukraine has a habit of “keeping undermanned—practically non-existent—units on paper, occasionally touting them in the media”;

▪️But that Ukraine, “has lost around 230 tanks that analysts can confirm. But they’ve captured 280 Russian tanks and also have acquired around 300 fresh tanks from foreign allies”;

▪️Forbes concludes despite these “numbers” showing Ukraine has many tanks, they’ve lost all their trained crewmen…

How did Ukraine’s tankers go missing but they’ve got more tanks than they started with? These numbers are a lie – Ukraine obviously lost way more tanks along with their crews.

Forbes is making fools of themselves by repeating bogus numbers/claims from the West’s discredited “open source intel” community.

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🇮🇱🇵🇸 The Israel Defense Forces publishes footage of the destruction of military tunnels in the Gaza Strip, as well as the elimination of the leader of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad group in the southern direction as part of Operation Dawn

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🇵🇸🇮🇱 An abnormal rocket launch from the Gaza Strip the night before.

According to Israeli media, 90 rockets out of almost 400 fell on the territory of the enclave itself after launch.

4:53 am

Russian talk show host claimed that 100,000 North Korean volunteer troops are ready to assist in Russia’s ongoing offensive in Ukraine.

Russian TV “Channel One” host Igor Korotchenko says that Russia welcomes the North Korean help not only on the frontlines but also as workers.

Pyongyang officially confirmed plan to send labourers to rebuild liberated Ukraine.

4:48 am

A Russian journalist who was doing a report on the aggravation of the situation on the border with Serbia was detained in Kosovo.

The correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Daria Aslamova, is accused of espionage in favor of Russia.

In addition, the journalist is accused of having participated in the fighting in Ukraine and engaged in “propaganda” there.

The head of the Interior Ministry of the self-proclaimed republic, Jalal Shvechla, announced the detention of Aslamov.

Aslamova entered Kosovo through the northern border, before that she worked in Serbia — on August 5, the journalist published a photo from Belgrade. She stopped contacting after the arrest.

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🇹🇷Five Turkish banks are introducing the Russian Mir payment system at once.

This is reported by Bloomberg.

This issue was discussed in Sochi by the leaders of Russia and Turkey. There was also a meeting of the heads of the Central Banks of the two countries.

Erdogan previously called such changes a relief for both Russian tourists and Turkey itself.

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🇺🇦Most of the Western military aid to Ukraine does not reach its final destinations in the country.

This is stated in the documentary of the American TV channel CBS.

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Oh… oh no

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Iraqi PMU declares full support for Palestinian resistance and denounces Zionist terrorism against Palestinians

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Nikolaev and Kharkov

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🇺🇸👴Seven Nobel laureates in eco…in in economy… on the economist… in the economics as they say.

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All we get is audio and it’s kind of horrifying


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Venyov, Tula region

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Footage of People’s Liberation Army of China. exercises in the Taiwan Strait area from August 6, 2022.

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”Iron Dome” in work few hours ago…

12:46 am

The Peoples Liberation Army of China again deliberately openly carried DF-26 ballistic missiles through the night city

12:34 am

“I insist,NATO insists,resolutely for more support we need a constant flow of ammunition,heavier weapons, more advanced weapons”- NATO GS Stoltenberg

Can we now call the NATO bloc a terrorist one?After all,in fact,they breed terrorists and eliminate them after being used…

12:29 am

Kharkov is getting pounded as usual

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🇮🇱 🇵🇸 🇺🇳 The UN Security Council will hold a meeting on August 8 in connection with the escalation of tensions around the Gaza Strip,most probably. The meeting was requested by the UAE, China, France, Ireland and Norway.

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Deki most probably was speaking about this leaked documents….

Ukrainian channels are discussing what might be a leaked data from AFU General Staff:

– The AFU are only 43-48% complete;
– medical workers at the limit of their strength: the seriously wounded are transported to Europe;
– small arms and bulletproof vests are not enough;
– about 191 thousand soldiers were killed and wounded;
– there is not enough hydraulics and liquid nitrogen for M777 howitzers;
– no one cares about the missing – there are no statistics;
– the equipment transferred by the West is running out;
– Western weapons are operated by amateurs, since there are no qualified specialists;
– there is no way to repair weapons on the spot due to the lack of spare parts and specialists – everything is sent to Poland;
– the moral and psychological state of the Ukrainian military is practically at zero: even campaigns of encouragement in social networks and concerts do not help.

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‼️🇺🇸🇨🇳 The tension between the United States and China will grow stronger after Pelosi’s visit: Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn said that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to take over the United States in all areas – American universities are flooded with spies, and Chinese businesses are buying up American agricultural land.

The politician is sure that the United States should crack down on communist China and sever existing ties.

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🇷🇸🇷🇺 Russian journalist Daria Aslamova arrested by Kosovo police upon her entry in the secessionnist territory.

12:18 am

Former President Trump won a comfortable majority (69%) of the vote in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s (CPAC) straw poll, maintaining his position as the favorite for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Trump wins CPAC straw poll with more than two-thirds of the vote

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At least 2 new hits in Nikolaev

11:03 pm


11:01 pm

A beautiful shot of a rocket salvo from the Gaza Strip.

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Good night!

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0137 local

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100 tons of humanitarian aid from the Penza region being transported to the Pologovsky district of the Zaporozhye region. Penza took patronage over it.

Dozens of such columns of heavy trucks enter the liberated territories every week.

10:10 pm

Kharkov is getting hit. Haven’t seen photos or videos from anywhere.

10:06 pm

Explosions thundered in Kharkov and after them an air raid alarm began to roar
(watch video with sound)
3 explosions in the area of ​​Kholodnaya Gora in a number of areas the light went out. Possibly large-caliber MLRS shells.

10:06 pm

The situation is tense: the Russian Army is deploying new troops to the Zaporozhye direction, 3-4 battalion tactical groups have been deployed to the Tokmak region in 2 days, – Arestovich

“There is an opinion that they are preparing an offensive, on the other hand, that they are preparing for defense. But there is a group in the area of ​​New Kakhovka, quite serious. We are talking about 10-15 BTG. The question is where they will be thrown – to strengthen the Kherson or Zaporozhye direction, ”the acting director said. Goebbels of Ukraine

9:56 pm

More cannon fodder incoming!!

There are reports of a new attempt to break through the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region. This time – near the village of Dobryanka. And as usual, the Ukrainians “advance” without fire support and armored vehicles. RF Armed Forces cover them with artillery with predictable consequences.

9:51 pm

Seems Nikolaev it is.
The situation is tense: the Russian Army is deploying new troops to the Zaporozhye direction, 3-4 battalion tactical groups have been deployed to the Tokmak region in 2 days, – Arestovich

“There is an opinion that they are preparing an offensive, on the other hand, that they are preparing for defense. But there is a group in the area of ​​New Kakhovka, quite serious. We are talking about 10-15 BTG. The question is where they will be thrown – to strengthen the Kherson or Zaporozhye direction, ”the acting director said. Goebbels of Ukraine /representative of Zelensky/.

9:05 pm

IDF claims it has killed the whole military leadership of the PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) in Gaza

9:04 pm

Iron Dome at work

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👆👆👆Coming before last part. Apologies to Sneska

9:02 pm

Zelensky’s War (Part II)

Up until the period of Russia’s “Special Military Operation,” Zelensky was a fairly unremarkable, if rather poor politician. Apart from his dramatic election win on the back of his TV show and a brief honeymoon period, he faced deadlock, a party that wouldn’t obey him, and a domestic agenda that went nowhere. The only successes he could count, however, were his political witch hunts under the pretext of national security. But that, too, ran into problems when he took on the big fish oligarchs with links to nationalist militias. Much easier to get tar and feather Medvedchuk as a traitor in public than Poroshenko.

However, this period of nationalist witch hunting set the tone for Zelensky’s administration and became his go-to tactic. Even as his popularity waned leading up to the SMO, he was still attempting to imprison Poroshenko for treason so as to remove him from electoral contention. It just looked unlikely to succeed because he did not have the full command of the state and public opinion to make it happen.

Thus, it is my contention that Zelensky’s own interests have to be considered in the leadup to this war. Without the Russian intervention, his wild accusations of treason were wearing thin and unconvincing to the public. He was staring at an election loss to Poroshenko, who would have had no mercy on him. So when German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came to Ukraine in February with a peace proposal for the neutrality of Ukraine, in a bit of last ditch diplomacy, Zelensky told him to fuck off, that he wasn’t doing any deals. The unspoken subtext – he needed this war.

All of a sudden, with the Russian intervention, he found himself in the role of a wartime president, and he relished in his emergency powers, the way that he could ban his opposition completely and have people imprisoned and killed without too many questions. Many of his measures starting from the very first days in the war were designed to heighten the level of hysteria and paranoia, for instance the mass distribution of weapons and encouraging private citizens to hunt for spies and saboteurs. All of a sudden, treason accusations had a gravity like never before. Ukrainian society, which had been prepared for years through nationalist ideologization, took to this easily, and Zelensky’s approval ratings soared.

It is true that most leaders in wartime can count on a certain increase in public approval, but in the case of Zelensky, the wartime bump was more than dramatic. He went from a deeply unpopular figure, widely regarded as an incompetent buffoon, to the sole figure in Ukrainian politics, with the dictatorial powers to match. That’s a night and day reversal, but this extraordinary reversal perhaps is the result of the climate of hysteria finally validating Zelensky calling everyone a traitor. Because now the people too saw Russian demons behind every rock and shadow – and were now given weapons and a license to kill.

The collapse of the first cycle of talks between Ukraine and Russia happened precisely because of Zelensky’s sabotage. First by assassinating one of his own negotiators – under, naturally, grounds of treason – and then by introducing all these impossible conditions such as the return of Crimea, referendums to be held in Donbass AFTER the withdraw of Russian forces to pre-2014 borders, and the like. All these terms to make any treaty with Russia a non-starter. He never seriously negotiated because for Zelensky, the biggest threat to himself would be the end of the conflict, when he would have to surrender his emergency powers that had solved so many problems for him.

9:02 pm

Western media is collectively declaring Amnesty International as, quote, “Putin’s Propagandists” after they announced Ukraine is committing war crimes and hiding behind civilians

8:57 pm

Along Blagodatny (Komsomolsky) to the west of Snigirevka, active artillery preparation is still being carried out by the forces of the 108th regiment of the Airborne Forces of the RF Armed Forces. The settlement in the Nikolaevsky direction was not taken by Russian troops, they are just starting to storm.


8:49 pm

👆👆👆Worth reading extremely carefully.

8:48 pm

In a perhaps very telling move, Zelensky recently moved to strip Kolomoisky of his Ukrainian citizenship, which could lead to his prosecution by other countries. While Kolomoisky had been the guy who created him through the Servant of the People TV show and perhaps used him to launder money and other assets, Zelensky the warlord now has his own revenue stream of Western aid to plunder. He has the means to sustain his own patronage network now. Of course, that revenue stream ends if the war ends.

This is why, more than anyone else in this world, Zelensky needs this war to continue. He needs his emergency powers to continue suppressing rivals, he needs Western money, he needs the climate of hysteria. As long as Kiev is not threatened and he is allowed to consolidate power in relative safety, he is not concerned with much else, because the alternative of a peacetime trajectory would be death or prison.

There is so much talk of how Zelensky, like a certain German gentleman, is out of his wheelhouse with his insane impositions on the military, but the people saying these things fail to understand that for Zelensky, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the appearance of fighting, because those who are unwilling to fight (like Zaluzhny) can be painted as traitors. All these leaks we hear from time to time about how Zaluzhny wants to create more defensive lines or wants to call off the Kherson offensive aren’t being received by the large portion of the Ukrainian public as Zaluzhny trying to save the country. They would instead see Zaluzhny as a weak man who tries to weasel out of fighting. Zaluzhny has been humiliated again and again in public, and it is likely that these leaks come from Zelensky’s circle.

And the thing to realize in the end is that the war, which Zelensky has elevated to the raison d’etre of his political life, is very much going to be pursued to its gruesome end, for the Western backers, particularly the United States, aren’t concerned with Ukraine winning or losing. Their interest is only in getting Ukraine to inflict damage on Russia, so weapons and money will be supplied until the end as well. Zelensky gets to build a throne on the bones and ashes of his countrymen. If it comes to it, he can always go abroad to form a government-in-exile or even try his hand at an international acting career.

8:48 pm

As a result of his persecutions, Zelensky started running afoul of the bigger fish in the oligarch pool, notably Rinat Akhmetov, who mobilized his media empire to criticize Zelensky, in conjunction with Razmukov, who had been dismissed from Zelensky’s inner circle. Zelensky’s response was to accuse Akhmetov of treason and attempting to launch a coup. This also coincided with Poroshenko’s resurfacing and Zelensky’s subsequent efforts to bring charges against him on grounds of treason, as Porky had been forced to buy coal from the Donbass.

At the end of 2021, it looked like to many that Zelensky had bitten off more than he could chew. A coalition of Akhmetov and notable former politicians were launching a withering influence campaign that knocked his popularity back into the 20s, his position was looking weak. By early 2022, Poroshenko had pulled neck and neck with him in polling, threatening him with an election loss in 2024 or even earlier with a recall, which would result in Zelensky in prison or even dead.

Zelensky’s war changed all that.

8:47 pm

The RVvoenkor reader was caught by the Gestapo in Nikolaev…

The SBU officers detained him a few days ago even before this raid.
⛔️ Friends, if you transfer any information from Ukraine to Russian bots, then be sure to immediately erase all correspondence.
And best of all, do not write from the main phone, but use the spare one with the left SIM card.
Now, during a large-scale punitive check in Nikolaev, you will definitely be suspected if you are subscribed to Russian channels, then they will start looking for sedition in personal messages. Take care of yourself. In any case, victory will be ours.

8:46 pm

Two types of insanity 👆👆
Azeri-Turkish-Muslim and Western-liberal-transhumanist.
Which one is yours?

And which one has more chances for historical triumph?
Or both of them in their respective regions?

Hopefully Russia and the nations of the Far East and India (chances here are low, but still) will put an end to both…

Otherwise we are done.

8:45 pm

🇮🇱🇵🇸❗ Israel army claims it has killed the whole military leadership of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza

8:44 pm

Closer to the night, they report active actions of the RF Armed Forces and the DPR Army in the area of ​​​​Marinka and Vugledar, as well as offensive operations of the RF Armed Forces in the Nikolaevsky direction in the Blagodatnoye area. Their result will be clear most likely tomorrow morning.

8:27 pm

The Times now calls the international human rights organization Amnesty International, “Putin’s propagandists.”

What the world is coming into…

8:24 pm

SBU(Gestapo) in action in Nikolayev…

8:22 pm

🇺🇦 🏴‍☠️ In Nikolaev there is a large-scale round-up of pro-Russian citizens: the city is closed, a long curfew is imposed

“They go straight to the apartments (and houses) – they check everyone, check documents and mobile phones – they check everything,” said SS Obersturmfuhrer Anna Zamazeeva, chairman of the regional council.

“There are collaborators and separatists… The case is divided into 3 stages. The first is to find them, then convict them and not allow them to go out on bail, because our people are ready to lynch them,” the Nazi Gestapo lady added.

8:19 pm

🇸🇦🇵🇸🇮🇱 Saudi Foreign Ministry’s statement condemning Israel.

8:14 pm


Russian forces are reported to have entered Blagodatnoye and are covering Partizanskoye with artillery. Pervomayskoye village is 6 km to the West.

After the liberation of Pervomaisky, 27 km follows without a single settlement and then Nikolaev. Is this new target?

8:14 pm

🇮🇱🇵🇸⚡IDF says it has killed Khaled Mansour the commander of the southern brigade of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Rafah, southern Gaza

8:13 pm

🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡Closer to the night, they report active actions of the RF Armed Forces and the DPR Army in the area of ​​​​Marinka and Ugledar, as well as offensive operations of the RF Armed Forces in the Nikolaev direction in the Blagodatnoye area. Their result will be clear most likely tomorrow morning.

8:06 pm

Canada, these days…👀

8:05 pm

8:04 pm

As reported, Russian forces have tightly entered Blagodatnoye and are covering Partisanskoye(Партизанское) with artillery. 6 km to the West is Pervomayskoye village.

After the liberation of Pervomaisky, 27 km follows without a single settlement and then Nikolaev.
Allied forces are closing in on Nikolaev

8:03 pm

The number of victims of Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip has increased to 24, 203 people were injured — the enclave’s Ministry of Health

8:01 pm

🇵🇸🇮🇱 The Middle East is about to boil

The IDF continues to strike at launchers, military installations and residences of prominent members of the Islamic Jihad group. In response, feverish rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli territory do not stop from the Gaza Strip.

In parallel, the Israel Defense Forces, together with the Shin Bet and Magav, conducted a counter-terroristic operation in the West Bank.

🇺🇸 The US supported Israel’s right “to be protected from terrorist groups.”

🇮🇷🇱🇧 The commander of the Al-Quds forces in the IRGC, Ismail Qaani, said that Hezbollah will deliver the final blow to the Zionist regime.

🇮🇱 Israel said that the operation has no additional goals and it can be completed.

🇵🇸 And in Palestine, they believe that the confrontation will continue for a few more days, and maybe more.

🇵🇸🇮🇷 Islamic Jihad Secretary General thanked Iran for its support in light of Israeli attacks.

🇸🇦 And Saudi Arabia condemned Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip.

7:57 pm

🇬🇧🇮🇱🇵🇸The British Foreign Secretary on the situation between Gaza and Israel:

“The UK supports Israel and its right to defend itself.

We condemn the terrorist groups that shoot at civilians and the violence that has caused casualties on both sides.

We call for a speedy end to the violence.”

7:51 pm

🇮🇱🇵🇸Israeli Prime Minister Lapid during an assessment at the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv.

– There is no change in the Home Front Command’s directives – the strict restrictions will continue at least until tomorrow at 18:00.

7:50 pm

🇮🇷🇮🇱🇵🇸Ismail Qaani, Commander of Iran’s Quds Force: “Hezbollah plans to deliver the last blow to the Zionist entity that will remove it from the map at the appropriate time. Every day 15 operations are carried out against the Zionists.”

7:50 pm

🇮🇷🇵🇸 General Salami, Commander in Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, met with Ziad Nakhale, Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad of Palestine

General Salami said in this meeting that Israel will pay a heavy price for its recent crimes.

7:47 pm

🇮🇷🇱🇧🇮🇱🇵🇸Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stated the following:

“I renew our condolences to the Islamic Jihad Movement for the martyrdom of the leader, Tayseer Al-Jabari, and his brothers.

What happened is an aggression and a direct crime, and every honorable person in this world must condemn it.”

“We in Hezbollah are following up moment by moment and are in contact with our brothers in the Islamic Jihad movement and our brothers in Hamas and the rest of the factions, and we believe that the hand of the resistance will be on it.”

“I say to the Israeli enemy, do not miscalculate in Lebanon, and say that it will not affect us, and we trust in our strength and we believe in its weakness.”

“The days are with us and you know that the resistance is more numerous and stronger than at any time, and on the issue of Gaza, the days will show that they miscalculated, whatever the outcome, hours or days later.”

7:46 pm

🇮🇱🇵🇸Walla News: Israeli IDF estimate that the explosion in Jabalia was, actually, a ‘Palestinian failed rocket launch incident’ of the Islamic Jihad because of evidance and the fact that the IDF did not attack the place at the time of the explosion

7:45 pm

🇮🇱🇵🇸 Times of Israel: The IDF struck and killed Khaled Mansour, the leader of the PIJ in southern Gaza.

7:44 pm

Ukraine tanks, before/after.

7:43 pm

🇺🇦☠️⚰️Latest report from Dejan ”Deki” Beric…

UAF losses are 191 000 plus 50% of that is around 280 000 UAF losses

7:31 pm

🇦🇺The Australian mercenary said that the AFU is sending recruits to the front line without training.

Matt Roe told the unpleasant truth about the Armed Forces of Ukraine to a British newspaperThe Guardian.

“You ask how many of you have fired a rifle before. Out of a hundred people, only two raise their hand,” Ro said.